Mobileye N.V. Introduces After-Market Products at SAE 2004

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, March 8, 2004—Mobileye N.V. announced at the SAE 2004 World Congress, the development of its After-Market products based on the EyeQ™ system-on-a-chip (SoC). These products, which will be available affordably to fleets starting in June 2004, include a number of warning system applications for accident reduction that have never been offered before.

“Driver inattention is the primary cause of 90 percent of crashes,” said Amnon Shashua, the company’s Chairman and Chief Scientist. “Research has shown that advanced warning systems responding even one-half second before a collision can prevent or reduce the severity of crashes. Our After-Market products are timely since the number of accidents in the U.S. has quadrupled since 1990.”

Mobileye’s After-Market driver warning applications will include:

1) Lane departure warning (LDW), which responds with the sound and feeling of a rumble strip.

2) Headway monitoring, which provides a constant reading to help drivers maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead.

3) Forward collision warning (FCW), which detects the target vehicles in front of the host car, monitors the distance and time to collision, and issues appropriate emergency warnings both visually and audibly. This feature has never been offered to the field as a non-radar product.

4) Vehicle cut-in warning, which is the same as the forward collision warning except the system monitors the lateral motion of target vehicles and issues warnings when a vehicle is about to cut in front of the host’s path.

5) In addition, the After-Market product provides optional interfaces with USB ports to allow recordings on Flash memory of recent activities (video and data capture of recent FCW warnings). This feature may be helpful for substantiating non-fault in case an accident occurs.

“Our After-Market products will decrease the number of accidents by providing warnings to drivers that allow for a timely response to dangerous situations,” said Mobileye President and CEO Ziv Aviram. “Our ultra high performance sensing systems can be installed in any vehicle at low cost. Mobileye is truly revolutionizing the way we drive.”

Mobileye’s After-Market system includes a compact camera located on the windshield behind the rearview mirror, and a compact processing unit and driver display—each around the size of a cell phone—placed on and underneath the dash. Two small speakers on either side of the driver are positioned to provide audible warning signals.

Mobileye’s first generation on-board vision systems platform (ACP4 system) is currently being used by most of the leading automotive manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers for technological evaluation and software adaptation to their production programs. Mobileye N.V. has its headquarters in The Netherlands with R&D in Israel and satellite offices in the U.S., Cyprus, Switzerland and Japan. At SAE 2004 World Congress (at Cobo Hall in Detroit from March 8-12), Mobileye is exhibiting at booth #2309 and performing test-drives for select media. The booth is located in front of Detroit Hall in the Electronics/Telematics Pavilion

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