Tier 1

In the OEM market Mobileye operates in the position of Tier2, albeit a Tier2 supplying the core intelligence of the complete system. In order to reach SOP for a vehicle maker, Mobileye cooperates with a wide range of Tier1 (system integrator) companies. These Tier 1’s incorporate the core Mobileye technologies (EyeQ processors and algorithms) into their cameras and act as key development partner during the series program, leading the development.

Mobileye’s current Tier1 development partners are –

  • Autoliv
  • Calsonic
  • Delphi
  • Gentex Corporation
  • Leopold Kostal
  • Magna Electronics
  • Mando Corp
  • TRW Automotive

Each Tier1 brings a unique set of know-how, integration strategies  and complementary technologies to the relationship and subsequently almost all Tier1 partners  have won series development programs with Mobileye within 6 months of signing a development agreement.

Uniquely Mobileye owns all it’s Intellectual Property (IP) and is therefore free to cooperate with any Tier1 partner it chooses with no restrictions or limitations.

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