Lease Companies

With the “Green and Safe” revolution over running your customers the Mobileye innovative technology holds the potential to answer your customer needs. You have the possibility to add for a symbolic monthly amount the most advanced ADAS functions as standard features to your customers.

Mobileye’s aftermarket solutions can be installed on any vehicle 12 or 24 Volt, as standalone systems or in integration with telematics/FMS/Location devices.

With the connection of Mobileye fleet owners/managers are able to monitor driving behavior in a real-time mode, alerting you if  the driver does not keep a safe headway from the vehicle in front, unintentionally departs the lane or road, and even if they get in to a forward collision event.

The Mobileye system will save lives, prevent injuries, reduce TCO, help in achieving CO2 Reduction.

The Mobileye system is perfect for Corporate Social Responsibility for both safety and the environment.



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