Insurance Companies

With the increase of competition on the motor insurance sector and the increase in property/liability payments, Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance Systems can provide a tool to increase customer loyalty through customer care, preventing the accident rather than helping when one occurs.

The Mobileye system with the integration to a third party telematics device can create a great added value in driver behavior analysis. Knowing when and how a driver is not keeping the correct headway, using the vehicles turn signals and getting into potential hazardous scenarios.

The Mobileye system is the ultimate risk management tool: A great addition to “Pay-As-You-Drive” insurance schemes when integrated to the equation. Mobileye is also a tool that works to benefit the customer, no less than the insurance company. The Mobileye system is a “Guardian angel” improving driver safety and driving habits.

Imagine the savings on your claims paid?  What if we can prevent 30% of your accident claims?

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