Light­-Medium Duty

Helping employees arrive safely.

The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System is specially designed to keep your most important resource, your employees, safe as they drive to various worksites.

We know that while many fleets, including sales teams, telecom services, and more, rely on employees operating company vehicles, but even the best driver on your team could benefit from added protection. The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System provides that added layer of protection to keep your drivers safer and vehicles undamaged.

The advanced Mobileye system provides greater on­-road awareness when navigating toward the next worksite by accurately identifying vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, lane markings, and speed limit signs. The system continuously monitors the environment around the driver, and in doing so is able to use the gathered information to determine if there are any potential threats.

The Mobileye system can also be integrated with existing fleet management systems to aggregate driver data and collision trends, but it is not an individual recording device – maintaining driver privacy.

The easy­-to­-operate system is unobtrusively installed inside the cab to more effectively provide real­time visual and audible alerts. The EyeWatch® visual display is highly intuitive and easy for drivers to read at a glance, and the high­-resolution vision sensor is acute enough to minimize false warnings.

This way, when a driver does receive an alert, they’ll know that the potential for a collision is imminent and they need to take corrective action to avoid a potential danger.

Equip Your Fleet Today

When a worker is involved in an on­-the-job collision that results in injury, the average cost to their employer is $74,000 (NHTSA). Driver safety initiatives are not only a smart business move: they’re also a great way for employers to demonstrate that they care about their employees.

Johnson & Johnson witnessed a 14% improvement in safety as well as an 11% improvement in fuel use in the three months following installment of the Mobileye system.

For company­-owned passenger vehicles, Ron Actuarial Intelligence LTD found that the frequency of insurance claims for motor bodily injuries in Israel is reduced by 47% for vehicles with the Mobileye Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning installed, compared to vehicles without the Mobileye system.