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Driving motor coach safety the extra mile.

The hazards of motor coach operation can be many: driver fatigue, vehicle maintenance, operator oversight, and occupant protection, to name a few. With the Mobileye all­-in­-one system, your fleet can address each of these issues and more whether on the highway or crowded city streets.

Offering easy implementation and integration, the original Mobileye system and Mobileye Shield+ are uniquely positioned to improve safety across different driving environments. While both systems offer all of the same alerts and features, the original system is particularly useful for long highway hauls and the Shield+ is specially designed to address blind spots created by A­-pillar obstructions that are common in city driving.

The original and Shield+ systems utilize the same award­-winning technology, with the main difference being that the Shield+ deploys up to four multi-­vision smart sensors as opposed to one. Both systems continuously monitor on­-road hazards and potential pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicle collisions, sending all of the same visual and audible alerts in real time.

By leveraging both visual and audible alerts for collision, headway monitoring, and lane departure warnings, Mobileye helps break through the distractions to combat driver fatigue and improve rider safety across your motor coach fleet. The system can also greatly alleviate vehicle maintenance, utilizing the ultimate all­-in­-one collision avoidance system on the market to keep your fleet out of the repair shop. Helping improve oversight of your fleet and operators, both the original Mobileye system and Shield+ can be integrated with existing fleet management systems for trend identification.

Mobileye gives drivers vital seconds to use their experience to react and avoid, or at least mitigate, a collision. Our systems are 99% accurate and issue minimal false warnings, ensuring that all received alerts are taken seriously.

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Mobileye offers the latest advancements in collision prevention and motor coach safety, utilizing our one­-of­-a­-kind artificial vision sensors to survey the road ahead.