Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are the proven on­-road solutions, leveraging over 20 million miles of data to protect your fleet drivers and your bottom line.

It’s time to stop reacting to collisions and instead take action to prevent them.

Powered by an artificial vision sensor that views the road ahead, the Mobileye system identifies vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in the vehicle’s path and alerts the driver to potential dangers. It can even detect lane markings and speed limit signs. All of these capabilities work in concert to provide an Advanced Driver Assistance System that is undistracted, never fatigued, and 99% accurate.

Installing Mobileye allows you to rest easier, knowing that the safety of your drivers and investment in your fleet are protected with real­time alerts before a collision even occurs. Our unique all­-in­-one system is an advanced aftermarket offering that proactively warns drivers of imminent collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles, while also monitoring lane departures, safe following times, and speed.

Fleets see the Mobileye difference almost immediately, as drivers quickly become aware of their own behavior and start self­-correcting. In fact, fleets employing Mobileye have not only seen major collision reductions, but also a reduction of up to 15% in fuel consumption due to overall improved driving.

Equip Your Fleet Today

The Mobileye system is easy to implement and operate in almost all vehicle types.

  • One­-time installation, with Mobileye team support from start to finish
  • No ongoing subscription fees (unless integrated with telematics)
  • Very little driver training
  • Integrates with most fleet management systems (FMS) on the market, providing fleet managers valuable driver behavior information